Acid Wash Jeans

Acid wash jeans have been in fashion since a long time and guys and girls are simply crazy about them. It is a cool style that has emerged out to be a great fashion statement. Love them or hate them, but you simply can’t ignore them! These jeans are a huge hit among the crowd and you have almost every fashion lover having at least a pair of these stylish denims. From Rihanna to Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton to Victoria Beckham, you have almost every celebrity sporting this look. All this is reason enough that why these jeans are topping the fashion charts.

The fabric

The making of the trendy Acid Wash Jeans requires a little bit of understanding. The term “acid wash” is also known as frosted, marble or ice wash. This is a process in which jeans are chemically bleached. In this process, the denim fibers break down and so the dye fades, thus, making the jeans get bleached. Next, porous stones are drenched in chlorine bleach and then they are made to pass through washers along with the jeans. Such an action of stones on the denim fabric unevenly bleaches the denim and the jeans come out with a blotchy effect.

Acid Wash JeansThe process mentioned above is an old process of bleaching jeans. Today, we have the louder version of the acid wash jeans that are manufactured in a more technical manner. Today, you have the big designers designing these jeans and chemicals are spayed on the denims for the spotted effect. With such a process, removing the color is also very easy. Then the jeans can further be bleached in a different shade. All in all, this style of jeans is highly versatile and when you are wearing the right fit, you are surely going to make heads turn in a crowd. They can give you a totally chic appearance and an edgy outlook.

How to wear the acid wash jeans

The Acid Wash Jeans are a funky style of jeans and you can experiment a lot with your look in order to carry out these jeans in full panache. However, you need to be smart enough to know that how you can pull off the style well. Read ahead and find out!

•    While you are wearing the acid wash style of jeans, make sure that you keep you rest of the look as minimal as possible. This means that your jeans are already going to grab a lot of eyeballs, so don’t overdo the rest of your look or else you will look a complete disaster. It is best to pair these jeans with a simple top or tee or sweater. Do not go for vivid colors. You can also opt for wearing a cropped jacket in leather to make for a more alluring appearance.

•    It is very important to go for the right accessories as accessories are known to make or break your outlook. You can go for a nice necklace, bangles, finger rings and ear rings. You can also add a scarf. Make sure that you go for solid colors or else they will hinder the look of your pants.

•    In case you have fat thighs or large legs then it is better to not to go for the acid washed jeans as they will accentuate your extra fat to a larger extent. A very good option is to opt for the subtle style of these jeans that are available at all the leading fashion outlets. Also, if you have a fatty stomach then pick up the high waist style of acid washed jeans. This will not only aid in camouflaging your excess amount of fat but also make your tummy appear smooth and flat.

•    Go for the right shoes as it is also a very important aspect that you simply cannot ignore. A very trendy option is to wear a pair of gladiator boots that has heels. This will accentuate your overall denim outlook and make you look totally killer. However, you can also opt for biker boots, stilettos or ballet flats for a really stylish kind of a look.

So, follow the given guidelines and you are certainly going to grab many eyeballs the moment you step out in a funky pair of acid washed jeans.